The prints in the house were selected from the online shop at Art UK, with three areas of interest.

Prints of Abstract paintings by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

"Willy" (1912-2004) was one of Britain’s most significant 20th Century modern artists. Scottish born and a prominent member of the post-war St Ives group, she was a sublime painter, draughtswoman, printmaker and a brilliant colourist. From about 1988 to her death there was an outpouring of triumphant and beautiful work employing the full resources, of line, colour, shape and calligraphic brushwork employed with all the brio and freedom of a vastly experienced painter.

Prints of Landscape paintings of the Isle of Skye

The wild landscapes of the island have always attracted painters and artists. Skye has elements of the rest of the Scottish Highlands all in the one place. The scenery can be heart-stopping and there are few places with such a concentration of beauty. It’s easy to imagine the myths, legends and stories of its Norse and Celtic past. The rugged peaks of the hills, the constantly changing skies and the silvery fingers of sea lochs all help stir the imagination.

Prints of Still Life paintings by the Scottish Colourists

The Scottish Colourists were John Duncan Fergusson (1874–1961), Francis Cadell (1883–1937), Samuel Peploe (1871–1935) and Leslie Hunter (1877–1931). They have been described as the first Scottish modern artists and were the major mechanism by which post-impressionism reached Scotland. They all spent time in France and were influenced by French artists’ bold use of colour and free brushwork.

All these works have a particular resonance with me as a Scotsman, an inhabitant of Skye and resident of Roskhill.

Firstly, the abstracts by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham soothe and excite at the same time. Their combination of colours and brushstrokes by an extremely competent artist, is very satisfying.

The Skye landscapes and their interpretations of local scenery give me another way of seeing and comparing with the images in my memory. They provide views in a house that has no far outlook, being sheltered and surrounded by trees.

Finally, the work of the four colourists in which the 'still lifes' echo the table settings and the buffet service in the dining room, and other rooms, is another way of having art reflect and enhance the house.

We hope that you will find them all as calming and as interesting as we do.